The mission of The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship is to develop “leaders in service”: individuals who are dedicated and skilled in addressing the health needs of underserved communities, and whose example influences and inspires others.  The Fellowship achieves this through an interdisciplinary, service-learning model that fosters moral and professional development.

Each year, the NH/VT Schweitzer Fellows Program competitively selects approximately 25 exceptional students from professional schools in New Hampshire and Vermont to follow in Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s footsteps. 
These Schweitzer Fellows — mostly university graduate students – partner with community-based organizations to identify an unmet health need, design a yearlong service project of 200 hours with a demonstrable impact on that need, and bring that project from idea to implementation and impact — all on top of their usual graduate school responsibilities. After successfully completing their initial year, they become members of the Schweitzer Fellows for Life alumni network of over 2,000 Leaders in Service who are dedicated and skilled in meeting the health needs of underserved communities.

In 2013-14, 10 students from the UVM College of Medicine were selected to be Schweitzer Fellows.  The deadline for 2014-15 applications is February 1. 2014. An information session at UVM College of Medicine will he held on Tuesday, Dec. 2 at 12 noon in Med Ed 200.  For further information, please visit  www.schweitzerfellowship.org OR contact:

UVM Fellows:

Katia Chavez, katia.chavez@med.uvm.edu
Sarah Johnson, sarah.johnson@med.uvm.edu
Matt Lin, matthew.lin@med.uvm.edu
Janel Martir, janel.martir@med.uvm.edu
Nez Nesbitt, john.nesbitt@med.uvm.edu
Luke Neill, luke.neill@med.uvm.edu
Shravan Rao, shravan.rao@med.uvm.edu
Reiko Sakai, reiko.sakai@med.uvm.edu
Billy Thompson, william.thompson@med.uvm.edu
Leslie Wenning, leslie.wenning@med.uvm.edu


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