Fellows & Projects


Nez Nesbitt and Katia Chavez, UVM College of Medicine

Katia and Nez will improve access to health services for migrant Hispanic farm workers living in Lamoille County, Vermont. They will assist local health workers to deliver culturally competent services. Community Site: Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley, Morrisville VT

Shravan Rao and Luke Neill, UVM College of Medicine
Shravan and Luke will design and implement an integrative computer literacy program for low-income/homeless guests at the Burlington Emergency Shelter. Community Site:  Burlington Emergency Shelter, Burlington, VT

Reiko Sakai and Matthew Lin, UVM College of Medicine
Reiko and Matt will design and deliver sexual health education specific to the needs of LGBTQ youth.  Community Site: Outright VT, Burlington, VT

William Thompson and Sarah Johnson, UVM College of Medicine
Billy and Sarah will create a hands-on, classroom, and community outreach curriculum that gives at-risk youth the opportunity to learn vegetable gardening skills, how to maintain a chicken coop, and how to prepare nutritious, affordable, and accessible meals that they can bring back to their families and larger community. Community Site:  Soar Learning Center, St. Albans, VT

Leslie Wenning and Janel Martir, UVM College of Medicine
Partnering with Northern Lights, Leslie and Janel will create an art curriculum and execute an art program for women transitioning into Chittenden County after incarceration. The art program will create a supportive social environment in which the women feel safe expressing themselves through art activities, promote healthy coping strategies through art, and encourage self-reflection through the art-making process. Community Site: Northern Lights, Burlington, VT


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